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Our mission is to make esports a healthier and happier place for all gamers

We utilise our sports science expertise to build performance systems tailored to esports athletes. By understanding gamers personal data and using the marginal gains philosophy, we identify areas for improvement across all components that influence gaming performance.


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Our approach

Evidence based

We complete a performance audit with teams to better understand the unique pressures and demands being placed on them. We observe their current training protocols and monitor their athletes health and in-game data. We use this information to highlight areas for optimization. We then perform evidence based interventions which leads to increases in athlete health and performance.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people

We have a multi disciplinary team of sports scientists, performance psychologists and esports experts who have real experience working with esports athletes across all levels of the industry.

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Our values

Evidence Based

Research is at our core. If it's not published, we don't use it.


Be real. Be honest. Be true to yourself.


The courage to shape a better future for all gamers.


We are commited to achieving our mission.


Leverage collective genius. Achieve more.


Life is too short to not love what you do

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Ryan Scollan

Co-founder & CEO
Ryan graduated from Loughborough University with First-Class Honours in Sport & Exercise Science. Ryan wanted to combine his love for gaming, sports science and entrepreneurship, and thus G-Science was born.

Jamie Kiff

Co-founder & CSO
Jamie graduated from Loughborough with First-Class Honours in Sport & Exercise Science alongside Ryan back in 2018 and joined G-Science at the start of 2019. Jamie is a keen APEX and Call of Duty player.

Alan Des Reid

Business Dev
Alan has been active member of the esports community since 2005. He's managed world class players in LoL, worked in tournament management and was an early shoutcaster. He still manages within grass roots League of Legends for G-Science.

Performance Team

Kate O'Keeffe

PhD Candidate in Psychophysiology
Kate graduated from the University of Jyväskylä with a Masters degree in sport and exercise psychology and is currently finishing a PhD at Loughborough University specialising in the psychology of performance in high pressure environments.

Mollie Drew

Performance Psychologist
Mollie graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in English and Sports Science. She previously worked with the British Army Senior Health Advisors department and is currently studying a MSc in Psychological Sciences.

Barry Bridges

Sleep Specialist
Barry is a Sport Scientist with certifications in Sleep Science, Sports and FMS movement Testing. He has had 12 years experience including; Soccer Strength and Conditioning, Corporate Wellness, Sleep Coaching and Esports Performance Coaching.

Vlad Sabou

PhD, Performance Nutritionist
Vlad is a performance nutritionist providing nutritional support to elite athletes in order to maximise health & wellbeing status, training adaptations and sports performance. Vlad Sabou's educational qualifications include a BSc in Nutrition, MSc in Sports Nutrition and currently completing a PhD in Sports Physiology & Nutrition.

Landon Gorbenko

Performance Psychologist
Landon graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a master’s degree in performance psychology. Two of his biggest passions in life are expertise development and esports. He merged his training with his passions and began working in the esports industry as a performance coach drawing on tools from sport psychology.


Esports Coach
Ilias is an experienced performance coach with a passion for player development and building life skills through esports. He incorporates his background in psychology, anthropology and traditional sports coaching into his esports coaching and creates a holistic view of development for individuals and teams that he coaches. Ilias currently operates Resolve Esports.

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