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What does Optimal provide

Optimal provides actionable insights into training, injuries, wellness, and gaming performance by combining data from a range of sources. We help teams make better decisions, avoid common issues such as burnout or tilt and ultimately create more succesful gamers.

Data Analytics

Optimise Gaming Performance

No two gamers are the same. Using our proprietary algorithms we uncover patterns and trends in your health data and provide actionable insights to give you the competitive edge.

Preventative Insights

Actionable Insights

Optimal highlights high risk players and notifies coaches immediately, allowing them to take preventative action before its too late.

Streamline operations

One team, One platform

Collating your team's game, physical, medical and wellness data in one platform. Optimal enables team communication, logistics and storage of data all in one place.

What else does Optimal Provide?‚Äč

Optimal intergrates all of your players data health and performance data into useable insights. Your information gathering, storage and data insights aswell as player monitoring and interventions advisory is in one simple platform.

Periodise your training to ensure athletes peak at the right time

See how well a player has developed throughout the month

Make sure all players are complying with their performance program

One platform to manage team communication and logistics

Investigate the circumstances concerning performance decreases

Know when to push harder and when to rest a player

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